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Think Balance

It has never been easier to think balance. Learn more about how America’s leading beverage companies are working together at balanceus.org

Reducing Calories in Schools

Any questions? See how we did it here: https://www.balanceus.org/industry-efforts/removing-calories-from-schools/

Economic Impact

The beverage industry is proud to support and be a part of communities across the country.

Stronger Communities

Kansas’ beverage companies have a history of working with local partners to build stronger communities because we live and work here too.

Calorie Info

Calorie information shouldn’t be difficult to find or decipher. That’s why America’s beverage companies are placing it up front on every can, bottle and pack produced.

100% Recyclable

America’s beverage companies carefully design their plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable for a simple reason: to be used again and again.

Education, not regulation

The government likes to reach into our pockets and make our choices for us, but we believe there is a better way.