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Balance Calories

#DidYouKnow: A report released in 2020 found definite progress towards a collaborative national goal to reduce the number of calories and sugar Americans consume from beverages. Read more: https://www.newfoodmagazine.com/news/120958/us-continues-to-reduce-calorie-and-sugar-consumption-from-drinks/

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Thank you to the millions of people working in grocery stores, restaurants, beverage manufacturing and transport.

Every Bottle Back

Our beverage bottles are designed to be 100% recyclable and we want those bottles back so they can be made into new bottles. Learn more: www.everybottleback.org.


#ICYMI, America’s beverage companies are working with The Nature Conservancy and the US Forest Service to protect water.

National Dog Day

 Happy #NationalDogDay! Life is better with dogs. The weather is warm, so be sure to keep your pup hydrated and happy.

Balance US

Today, more than 55% of all beverages contain zero sugar! Balanceus.org

Energy Drink Information

#DYK a typical mainstream energy drink has about the same amount of caffeine as home-brewed coffee and less than half the amount of caffeine as a similar-sized cup of coffeehouse coffee? Learn more at www.energydrinkinformation.com. 


Building a more #sustainable future requires #innovation and investment. We must all do our part to protect our planet. Find out what we’re doing at www.innovationnaturally.org

Every Bottle Back

#EveryBottleBack is an unprecedented commitment to help boost collection of our 100% recyclable plastic bottles so they can be remade into new bottles. Find out more at www.everybottleback.org.

Play Outside Day

It’s National #PlayOutside Day! Less screen time, more play time. Find a balance that works for you. www.BalanceUS.org