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Supporting Communities

The beverage industry is committed to supporting communities everywhere. Visit HereForYou.us to see the innovative ways we are working to support our neighbors.  

Charitable Donations

America’s beverage companies have a long history of giving back to communities large and small. In fact, we are contributing $1.5 billion to charitable causes across the country.

Balance Calories Initiative

America’s beverage companies are providing more choices with less sugar in stores everywhere. We are always looking for ways to support your efforts to achieving a balanced lifestyle. Learn more: https://www.balanceus.org/industry-efforts/

Now more than ever, employees across the food and beverage industry are working hard to deliver the essentials we need.

Through our #EveryBottleBack initiative, America’s beverage companies are working to reduce our plastic footprint and get our 100% recyclable bottles back.

Learn more at www.everybottleback.org.

America’s beverage companies are committed to giving back to our communities, because it’s where we live, work and play too.

Energy drinks are available in more than 165 countries and have been safely enjoyed by millions of people for decades.

Get the facts here: www.energydrinkinformation.com

America’s beverage companies wish you a happy first day of summer! Enjoy with your favorite ice-cold, non-alcoholic beverage.

Employees throughout the food and beverage industry are and will continue to be #hereforyou.

Learn more at http://hereforyou.us/

America’s beverage companies have voluntarily put clear calorie information right at your fingertips so you can easily find the beverage that is right for you.

When it comes to options, America’s beverage companies have you covered – providing more options than ever before.

Cheers to National Iced Tea Day! What’s your favorite flavor of this refreshing beverage?

In a time of uncertainty, we can feel comforted knowing that employees throughout the food supply chain are working hard to ensure that our food and beverages are delivered safely.

WorldFoodSafetyDay https://tinyurl.com/vbkanq5

Happy World Environment Day from America’s leading beverage companies!

The entire food and beverage industry is continuing to deliver essential goods and supporting communities everywhere, now and always.

See how at HereForYou.us.

Our industry has a long history of charitable giving and in these extraordinary times, our members are mobilizing to give back to their communities.

See how we’re doing it at HereForYou.us

Happy Memorial Day from Kansas’ leading beverage companies!

Our industry’s all-electric vehicles save 10 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Now more than ever, America’s beverage companies are committed to protecting the health of our environment.

During uncertain times, communities are jumping in to support one another. We applaud efforts by those in the food & beverage industry to provide essential resources to those in need. #HereForYou

America’s leading beverage companies have come together to reduce their plastic footprint.

Read more about how we are doing it at www.everybottleback.org. #EveryBottleBack

Let’s raise a refreshing beverage to all the mom’s out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Independence Day!