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Our industry has a long history of charitable giving and in these extraordinary times, our members are mobilizing to give back to their communities.

See how we’re doing it at HereForYou.us

Happy Memorial Day from Kansas’ leading beverage companies!

Our industry’s all-electric vehicles save 10 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Now more than ever, America’s beverage companies are committed to protecting the health of our environment.

During uncertain times, communities are jumping in to support one another. We applaud efforts by those in the food & beverage industry to provide essential resources to those in need. #HereForYou

America’s leading beverage companies have come together to reduce their plastic footprint.

Read more about how we are doing it at www.everybottleback.org. #EveryBottleBack

Let’s raise a refreshing beverage to all the mom’s out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

Join us in celebrating National Beverage Day with your favorite refreshing non-alcoholic beverage!

Here For You

In extraodinary times, America’s food & beverage workers are #HereForYou. Our country is greatful for their ongoing work to stock shelves, manufacture and deliver the necessities that we all rely on.

Every Bottle Back

#FunFact America’s beverage companies are making their plastic bottles out of PET, a valuable material that’s 100% recyclable. Our plastic bottles are made to be remade into new plastic bottles and many other everyday products. Learn more at everybottleback.org. #EveryBottleBack

Earth Day

America’s beverage companies celebrate Earth Day today and every day! We’re carefully designing our plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable. And when we get them back, we can remake them into new bottles and keep them from becoming waste in our environment. #EarthDay2020