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Charitable Contributions

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s beverage companies donated more than 10 million beverages to those in need, healthcare workers and so many others. Learn more about our efforts at www.hereforyou.us

National Nutrition Month

March is national nutrition month! The non-alcoholic beverage industry has a wide range of beverage options with less sugar or no sugar at all. Try something new this month!

Every Bottle Back

We need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. That’s why America’s beverage companies are coming together to invest in a more circular economy for our 100% recyclable plastic bottles. Watch to learn more.

Clear on Calories

Looking for beverage options with zero sugar? Look for clear calorie labels just like this one!

Innovation Naturally

Not all plastic is the same. We’re carefully designing our plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable. They are made from PET, a light, valuable material that can easily be recycled and be remade into new bottles.

Balance Calories

Beverage companies across the country are constantly innovating to bring you more options with less sugar. In fact, 55% of beverages sold today contain zero sugar. Learn more at BalanceUS.org.

Energy Drink Information

We’re constantly working to provide you the latest information on energy drinks. Find it all at www.energydrinkinformation.com

Here For You

Through good times and bad, America’s non-alcoholic beverage industry is #HereForYou

Presidents Day

Happy President’s Day from Kansas’ beverage companies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!