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Economic Impact

America’s beverage companies have heart! Learn more about how they drive the economy and support their communities at ameribev.org.

School Beverage Guidelines

Beverage options offered in schools have changed significantly over the past decade. We voluntarily removed full-calorie soft drinks and reduced beverage calories shipped to schools by 90%!


This pug knows what should be recycled and what shouldn’t. Do you? Find out here!

Energy Drinks

Do you have questions about energy drinks and their ingredients? Get the answers at energydrinkinformation.com!

Balance Calories Initiative

By working to reduce beverage calories in the American diet, America’s beverage companies are supporting your efforts to achieve balance! Learn more at BalanceUS.org.

Every Bottle Back

We are carefully designing our plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable – even the caps. Our plan is for every bottle to become a new bottle, so we’re using less new plastic. Learn more at EveryBottleBack.com

More Choices

When it comes to reducing the sugar in your family’s diet, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Pepsi hear you. They’re working together to bring you more choices with less sugar, and in smaller portion sizes.

Good News on Sweeteners

#TBT A year ago we told you about research that reaffirmed that sweeteners don’t have any effect on blood sugar. Check out that story here:https://www.ameribev.org/education-resources/blog/post/research-finds-sweeteners-don-t-affect-blood-sugar/

Food-Buying Decisions

People using SNAP benefits make the same food-buying decisions as we all do. Allowing government to designate foods as “good” and “bad” would create a food code more complicated and arbitrary than the tax code.

Think Balance

It has never been easier to think balance. Learn more about how America’s leading beverage companies are working together at balanceus.org