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School Beverage Guidelines

America’s beverage companies have dramatically changed the beverage landscape in schools. Haven’t heard about it? Check out https://www.balanceus.org/industry-efforts/removing-calories-from-schools/.

Every Bottle Back

Learn how America’s beverage companies are working to get #everybottleback at www.everybottleback.com.

Balance Calories Initiative

America’s leading beverage companies are offering more reduced and zero-sugar beverage options than ever before. Learn more at www.balanceus.org.

Economic Impact

Do you know your local distributor? Across the country, the non-alcoholic beverage industry is providing nearly 52,750 distribution jobs.

Energy Drinks

For several decades, energy drinks have been sold and safely enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Learn more at www.energydrinkinformation.com

Child Obesity Awareness

We too want a strong, healthy America, which is why we are investing in efforts to meaningfully address obesity. Visit www.balanceus.org for more information.

Every Bottle Back

Our plastic bottles are being reused in many ways to help limit use of new plastic, including being remade into new plastic bottles. Learn more at www.everybottleback.com #everybottleback

Clear on Calories

Have you noticed clear calorie labels on your beverages? Of course you did, they’re so easy to spot! Learn about the actions here: https://www.balanceus.org/industry-efforts/putting-calorie-info-up-front/

Clear on Calories

America’s beverage companies added easy-to-read calorie labels to the front of every can, bottle and pack produced – designed to help you choose a beverage that fits your needs. Learn more at www.balanceus.org